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How Long It Takes To Walk From The RNC’s Protest Areas To The Convention

We’ll be reporting from Cleveland all week and live-blogging each night. Check out all our dispatches from the GOP convention here.

CLEVELAND — Save for one confrontation in front of the arena entrance Wednesday, protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland have been surprisingly tame. Fingers crossed that there will be no clashes this evening. One factor in the low-key scene so far is the distance that many of the designated protest zones are from the Quicken Loans Arena (and, in turn, the pro-Donald Trump delegates). Protest organizers have long complained about the distance and even sued to bring the parade route slightly closer.

So I decided to walk from three of the protest parks to the main arena entrance, just to get a sense of how far it really is. Take a look.

FiveThirtyEight: How far are the protest zones from the GOP Convention?

Jody Avirgan hosts and produces podcasts for FiveThirtyEight.