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Help Us Find The Wedding Songs No Couple Wants To Hear

FiveThirtyEight needs your help to find the ultimate list of songs that are most often banned from wedding receptions.

We love examining the social mores surrounding weddings — just look at our past data-driven coverage of reception music, wedding etiquette and gifting tips. Now that we’re in the heady days of the 2017 wedding season, we want to once again dive into the country’s most expensive social construct to find out what the people want. Or don’t want. In reporting out our story on wedding playlists, we encountered a persistent motif: Often the strongest opinions regarding the music at a wedding reception were about what must not be played rather than what must.

If you’re a professional DJ, we want to hear from you. (Our bar for “professional” is pretty low here, you just need to have been paid to DJ at least five weddings in the past year.) Please take our survey and send it to all your DJ friends. Polls close June 10.

Walt Hickey was FiveThirtyEight’s chief culture writer.