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FiveThirtyEight Is Adding Part-Time Roles For Journalists

It’s been almost five months since the launch of the new FiveThirtyEight, and we’re expanding our coverage and adding several part-time roles:

— A science reporter. We want someone to take a hard look at scientific studies, debunk hype and misuses of statistics, and highlight important findings.

— A technology reporter. FiveThirtyEight needs more data-rich stories about technology, and the promise and limitations of “big data.”

— A news writer. Our DataLab blog is fueled by quick, meaningful stories off the news, written with good numbers sense and a tight, engaging style.

If you know of experienced, data-savvy journalists who might be interested, or if you want to know more, email Managing Editor Mike Wilson: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Mike Wilson was FiveThirtyEight’s first managing editor.