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FiveThirtyEight Hiring Update


Here’s a quick update on where we stand with our hiring process at FiveThirtyEight.

The bad news: we’ve filled all of our open editing positions, including all features editors and copy editors. We’re not actively evaluating resumes or interviewing candidates for these positions.

We’re also no longer hiring full-time writers, although we will soon begin to consider freelance writing positions.

The good news: several other key positions remain open. We are in the active stages of our search process for each of these positions, and are very near to a decision on some of them — so you should contact us as soon as you can if you’d like to be considered. The open positions are as follows:

Applications for the Manager, Technology & Product Development position may be sent to 538 JOBS AT GMAIL DOT COM, to the job listing at the ESPNCareers website, or both. Applications for all other positions should be sent to 538JOBS AT GMAIL DOT COM. Please follow the instructions in the links above when applying for the positions, etc. etc., so that we can make sure your application gets to the right place and that we’ll have enough information to give your candidacy a fair hearing.

We are also currently soliciting pitches from data-driven freelance writers

The hires we’ve announced publicly so far are as follows:

Editorial Personnel
Carl Bialik (@CarlBialik) — lead writer, news; formerly of The Wall Street Journal
Ben Casselman (@bencasselman) — chief writer, economics; formerly of The Wall Street Journal
Mona Chalabi (@MonaChalabi) — lead writer, FiveThirtyEight blog*; formerly of The Guardian
Lisa Chow (@lisaechow) — features editor, podcast host, economics reporter; formerly of NPR
Micah Cohen (@micahcohen) — senior editor, FiveThirtyEight blog*; formerly of The New York Times
Carla Correa (@pinkgrammar) — general editor and social media coordinator; formerly of The Washington Post
Harry Enten (@forecasterenten) — senior writer and analyst, politics; formerly of The Guardian
Kate Elazegui (@KateElazegui) — creative director; formerly of Pentagram, New York Magazine
Andrew Flowers (@andrewflowers) — quantitative editor, economics writer and analyst; formerly of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Walter Hickey (@WaltHickey) — senior writer, lifestyle; formerly of Business Insider
Ritchie King (@RitchieSKing) — visual journalist, science reporter; formerly of Quartz
Simone Landon (@simonelandon) — general editor; formerly of Huffington Post
Chad Matlin (@ChadwickMatlin)— features editor; formerly of Reuters, Slate
Allison McCann (@atmccann)— visual journalist, data reporter; formerly of Bloomberg Businessweek
Benjamin Morris (@skepticalsports) — senior writer and analyst, sports; formerly of
Neil Paine (@Neil_Paine) — senior writer and analyst, sports; formerly of
Andrei Scheinkman (@ascheink) — deputy editor and director of data and technology; formerly of Huffington Post, The New York Times
Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) — editor-in-chief
Mike Wilson (@mWilstory) — managing editor; formerly of The Tampa Bay Times

Noneditorial and Affiliated Personnel
Lauren Bork (@laurenbork) — director, sports management, ESPN (Lauren’s responsibilities include FiveThirtyEight ad sales)
David Cho (@davidcho) — senior director, business development, Grantland (David is also serving as director of business development for FiveThirtyEight on an interim basis)
Marie Donoghue (@mariepdonoghue) — senior vice president, global strategy & business development, ESPN (Marie is my boss and FiveThirtyEight’s overseer)
Amanda Gordon (@Amandables) — administrative assistant, FiveThirtyEight
Jeremy Weinrib (@espnjeremy) — senior director, mobile technology, ESPN (Jeremy is leading the backend development of our website and CMS)

* Pedantic media-nerd note: Once FiveThirtyEight relaunches, it will house a variety of content forms (e.g. feature articles, data visualizations, podcasts). One type of content will be a blog, which will be contributed to by all FiveThirtyEight staffers, but for which Mona Chalabi will be the lead writer and Micah Cohen the lead editor. The blog will be a subcomponent of FiveThirtyEight, in the same way that The Triangle, a blog, is a subcomponent of Grantland. (We’ll spare you the Venn diagram.)

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.