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Charles Duhigg: Data Can Help Us Change, But We Still Have To Do The Hard Work

On this week’s What’s The Point, two short conversations from a recent visit to the Aspen Ideas Festival, the yearly gathering of interesting-people-talking-near-mountains. The first is with author Charles Duhigg, who writes about habit, productivity and how the human brain is sometimes wired to get in its own way. Duhigg’s latest book is “Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business.”

The second conversation is with Marcus Bullock of Flikshop, an app that tries to make it easier for prisoners to communicate with their friends and family on the outside. Bullock spent time in prison, and we discussed why ties to the community outside of prison are so important to those inside. We also talked about the challenges for re-entry.

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