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Brett Marty’s Ten Predictions — From the Gut

[Brett Marty is doing heroic photographic work for FiveThirtyEight. He’s a perceptive guy, and there is absolutely no way I could have done this trip without his help, in a hundred ways that don’t show up in the proverbial box score. He has his own website here,, where Nate and I encourage readers to peruse (and buy!) the now hundreds of photos from this epic journey. He’s also written more about the trip along with a massive photo compendium here. Brett has a very non-numbers based gut, and I get the pleasure of hearing his innumerable and varied predictions on a daily basis. On behalf of Nate, I’d like to present to you, our loyal readers, Brett J. Marty’s bite at the prediction apple. — Sean]

— by Brett Marty

10.) EV: Obama 396 — Kerry states plus IA, NM, CO, VA, NV, FL, OH, MO, NC, IN, MT, ND, GA. The state Obama will win by the smallest margin will be Georgia, the closest state he’ll lose will be West Virginia.

09.) Chris Matthews will be defeated in the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary race by Chuck Todd.

08.) Georgia Senate will go to a runoff. Obama organizers will flood Georgia, and Martin will win to capture the 60th democratic seat (including Lieberman).

07.) Nate will lose credibility when photos of his Ashley Todd Halloween costume start showing up on the interwebs.

06.) Turnout: 147,538,538. Obama will win the popular vote by 6.4%.

05.) Sean will be cleared of all wrongdoing.

04.) We’ll know the election is over when the nets call Virginia for Obama at 8:40pm EST.

03.) Barack will personally request I be his White House photographer, and I will take it under advisement.

02.) On November the 5th, FiveThirtyEight will shock the political world by turning into a porn site — but a high quality one that continues to challenge conventional wisdom.

01.) No how, no way:

Palin 2012 - Palin Rally; Wilmington, Ohio -

Full Disclosure: But, you know, I’m just a photographer.