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Brett Favre Beats Lizard People

Yesterday, the Franken campaign challenged this ballot, claiming that “Brett Favre” was an identifying mark:

The Canvassing Board rejected the challenge and awarded the vote to Coleman.

Today, just moments ago, the infamous Lizard People ballot came up for the Canvassing Board’s review!

This ballot was initially counted as a Franken vote. The Coleman campaign challenged the ballot, claiming “Lizard People” was an identifying mark. The Board voted to uphold the challenge, arguing that they couldn’t be certain that “Lizard People” wasn’t a real person’s name.

So “Lizard People” might be a real person, but “Brett Favre” isn’t?

Granted, there are other differences between the two ballots — “Lizard People” is filled in several places on the ballot, including in the ‘write-in’ space in the Senate column, whereas Favre’s name appears on the ballot just once. Still, one would not expect Minnesotans to show so much sympathy for someone who dared vote for the Chief of the Cheeseheads for President of the United States.

To top off the fun, another challenge just came through in which a Franken voter had appended “STIN” to “Al Franken”, as in “AL FRANKEN-STIN” (sic). The Canvassing Board rejected that challenge and tallied the ballot for Mr. Frankenstin.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.