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Brent Musburger Lives!

“You are looking live!” at Joe Biden’s house, Tim Kaine’s house… on CNN.

We will have more substantive content today, but let’s not kid any of you kidders – we’re all on standby. I can’t shake a personal like of Joe Biden. He’s a smiling puncher. But I really hope it’s not someone whose house is being watched. Despite Nate’s persuasive timing argument, I’ve always suspected that Obama’s decision process doesn’t match with conventional wisdom. My surprise for the day? If it’s one of the “expected” choices.

Talk amongst yourselves. Here, I’ll give you a subject: the vice president is neither a “vice” nor a “president.” Discuss.

And, a challenge to entertain us and each other while we wait: see if you folks can be Bizarro versions of yourselves in the comments. Our normal Obama-bashers have to put up a post sounds utterly sincere for Obama, and our McCain-bashers have to sound pro-McCain. Sounding like you’re mocking what an Obama or McCain backer would say means you fail. Make us believe it.