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Boston’s Ridiculous February Snowfall In One Chart

There are flurries, snowstorms, blizzards1 — and then there’s what’s going on in Boston. So far in February, 58.5 inches of snow have fallen there. That’s more than the total seasonal snowfall that Boston received in 95 of the previous 124 winters (77 percent). It beats the previous all-time monthly record (January 2005) by 15.2 inches.

And this data undersells what Boston has gone through in 2015. In January and February so far, a total of 92.8 inches of snow have hit Boston. That’s 22.9 inches more than the previous two-month record (January and February 1994), and it’s greater than the total seasonal snowfall of all but two (98 percent) of the last 124 winters.

In potentially worse news for Boston, we’re not even close to being through February. According to the National Weather Service, more snow is possible later this week and weekend. Sorry.


  1. In the colloquial, not meteorological, sense.

Harry Enten was a senior political writer and analyst for FiveThirtyEight.