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Blago Impeached; Tide Turning (Again) on Burris?

Item. Rod Blagojevich impeached by nearly unanimous vote in Illinois House. Impeachment trial to be held by Illinois Senate next week.

Item. New poll from Glengariff Group says that Illinoisans opposed to seating Burris by 53-32 margin. More Illinoisans strongly opposed to seating Burris than in favor. More support for either a Pat Quinn appointment and a special election.

Item. Sun Times alleges inconsistencies in Burris testimony to House impeachment panel. Burris said he had no contact with representatives of Blago prior to late December; Sun Times says he talked to Blago confidant at some point during the fall. A venial sin — but might offer enough pretense for the Senate to deny Burris membership.

Item. Draft of stimulus bill encountering more resistance from Democrats than Republicans. Getting 60 votes in the Senate does not seem like major concern to Senate Leadership; getting “right” package passed does.

Conjecture. Is Burris’ appointment to the Senate still a fait accompli?

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.