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Beside The Points For Monday, April 16, 2018

Things That Caught My Eye

Experience counts!

The Anaheim Ducks’ active roster have an aggregate 1,354 games of experience going into the NHL playoffs, the highest of any team that made the postseason. Other teams with lots of accumulated games include Tampa Bay (1,169 games), Pittsburgh (1,158 games) and San Jose (1,138 games). Contrast that with the Colorado Avalanche, who enter the postseason with 177. [ESPN]

Streak snapped

Going into the 2018 NBA Playoffs, LeBron James’ teams had a 21-game winning streak in the first round going back to 2012. The team’s 98-80 loss to the Indiana Pacers — despite James racking up his 20th playoff triple-double —spoils that streak and puts the Cavaliers on the defensive. [ESPN]

Dez Bryant is out

Dez Bryant has been cut and will leave the Dallas Cowboys having set a team record 73 touchdown receptions over eight seasons of play. Bryant’s five-year $70 million contract was a bit of an issue for the team, particularly given Bryant’s lackluster performance. [ESPN]

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Us vs. The House

As of April 12, FiveThirtyEight’s Carm-Elo predictions gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a 14 percent chance of winning their conference, which is far below the 45 percent chance that Las Vegas gives them. Our model is considerably more bullish on the chances of the 76ers (30 percent to win conference) and Raptors (42 percent) compared to Vegas (who gives them a 17 percent and 29 percent chance of winning the conference, respectively. [FiveThirtyEight]

Thunder, brought

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Utah Jazz 116-108 in one of the most compelling series in the postseason. Going into the game, the stats had the teams essentially in a tossup; both teams have top 10 defenses and went to the playoffs with twin 48-34 records. Oklahoma City’s win elevates their chances of winning the series from 52 percent to 65 percent. [FiveThirtyEight]

If you give a Gronk a bonus

Rob Gronkowski won’t attend at least some initial offseason workouts for the Patriots. The tight end has a $250,000 workout bonus if he attends some percent of the workouts, but Gronk is still weighing whether or not he even wants to play in the 2018 season. [ESPN]

Big Number(s)


That’s the average compensation for an athletic director at a university in the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac 12 or SEC. The median compensation for an AD as a percentage of total athletic department revenue was 0.76 percent. On average, that total compensation rose $46,465 year over year. [Athletic Director U]

Leaks from Slack: Geoff Ruins A No No edition


If the thing that is currently happening actually happens, we will have to write about it @gfoster @neil


I feel like Houston heard that, and started draining 3s.
Oh, is he not talking about basketball?!
I don’t know enough about hockey to know whether @natesilver was referring to that or the Rockets/TWolves game


or maybe mlb?


Or that.




Bartolo had a perfect game going. Still has no hitter


I saw it on in a lounge, but it was still early when I walked past


Now nothing


you jinxed it


Yes. On purpose


Great job geoff


I do love bart


I was wondering why no one would respond about what was happening. You all are so superstitious


Oh, and don’t forget
This story is amazing

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