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BAM! POP! POW! House Debates Stimulus Bill

UPDATE (4:25 PM): The Republican alternative bill (no spending, tax cuts only) was defeated 170-266 with extremely partisan voting patterns … just 2 Democrats voted for the GOP version while 9 Republicans voted against their own version.

Just as a quick FYI: There’s some modestly interesting viewing on C-SPAN right now as the House debates amendments to the stimulus bill; a vote on the entire package is expected early this evening. The most interesting amendment is probably one introduced by New York’s Jerry Nadler to add $3 billion in mass transit funding to the bill. The amendment was adopted earlier this afternoon by voice vote.

My prediction: the overall stimulus package will pass by a margin of about 250-183, with 10-15 Republicans breaking ranks to vote for the bill and 15-20 Democrats voting against it.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.