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Ask Nate Silver About The Super Bowl, Or 2016, Or Anything Else

Well, we’ve finally persuaded our editor in chief, Nate Silver, to officially join Facebook (you can follow him here), and there will be no easing him in. We’re throwing him to the wolves Wednesday, when he’ll host a Q&A session on the FiveThirtyEight page at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time about everything from the Super Bowl (can you believe Pete Carroll made that call?) to the 2016 presidential election (it’s 644 days away, and trust us, that’s not as long off as it may seem). And yes, everything; questions about other topics are welcome.

About an hour before the chat, we’ll open a comment thread to questions. Note: You must have a Facebook account to post a question, and we will not be taking questions in the comments below.

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Carla Correa was previously a general editor and the social media coordinator for FiveThirtyEight.