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Are You A Woman Who Can’t Work From Home During The Pandemic? We Want To Hear From You.

When people talk about changes in work and office culture brought on by the pandemic — whether it’s returning to the office, working from home or a combination of remote and in-person work — they often overlook one very important group: people who were never able to work from home in the first place.

There are many reasons why some people continued to report to in-person jobs throughout the pandemic, and we’re interested in talking to people — particularly women — who were unable to work from home for at least some or all of the pandemic. We’d like to speak to you if you had or have the kind of job that requires in-person interactions, like in food service, retail or health care, or if you had or have the kind of job that may have been possible to do remotely but for whatever reason you were unable to do so.

We’d like to know how you handled it, how it affected your work and home life, why you weren’t able to work from home and how it’s changed your relationship with work going forward. We’d also like to know whether being unable to work from home made a difference in your decision to continue working, leave the workforce or search for a new job. 

Please fill out the form below if you’d like to tell us your story. No personal details will be shared without your permission.

Monica Potts is a senior politics reporter at FiveThirtyEight.


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