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Another Vote for Chuck Todd

For what it’s worth, I agree with the spectrum of commentary from Kos, John Cole, Goldberg, Yglesias, etc. trickling in about the expansion of Chuck Todd’s role at NBC, whether it’s the helm of Meet the Press or his own show. Todd’s been a breath of fresh air throughout this whirlwind primary season and clearly proved his value to number-crunching and political analysis.

It’s a sad circumstance to be talking about this, and I’d guess Todd himself is still buried in the numbness of the loss of his friend and mentor. But we appreciate his work and want to add our voices to the quiet speculation about how NBC will realign its political talent in the wake of such an earthquake. Todd’s been a revelation this campaign season and should have a bigger platform.

Also for what it’s worth, Luke Russert is as impressive a 22-year old as I’ve seen in a long time. He’s handled this event publicly with grace, humor, poise, courage, and a hell of a big heart. He strikes me as an old soul. That kid’s character, clearly nurtured by his family, proves the amplified tribute to his father is authentic.

Here’s echoing Nate’s post last week about Tim Russert. Godspeed.