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Another Reason Mondays Are The Worst

Mondays are the worst.

No, really. That’s according to the annual report on nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses by the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on Tuesday.

In 2013, Mondays were responsible for about 167,000 instances of someone getting hurt at work — more than any other day. And this is a trend that holds up pretty well: Monday has been the most injury-prone day of the week in all but two years since 2007.


Now, we need to be careful not to jump to conclusions.

It’s possible more people work on Mondays over the course of a year than on other days of the week, meaning Monday’s injury rate isn’t actually any higher. But maybe not. A lot of holidays — like Labor Day, for instance — are on Mondays. And workers may be more likely to take Monday off for vacation or to extend their weekends.

Either way, be careful at work. File your TPS reports and don’t throw out your back “fixing” those paper jams.

Andrew Flowers wrote about economics and sports for FiveThirtyEight.


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