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Alabama ♥s Obama

Missed this 14-state poll from SurveyUSA, which shows Obama with at least 60 percent approval in such traditionally nonfertile territory as Alabama, Kansas and Kentucky.

Not only is Obama popular in every state, in fact, but in every region of every state in SurveyUSA’s crosstabs. The poorest numbers I can find are in central Virginia, where SurveyUSA pegs Obama’s approval score at 55 percent (but against just 23 percent disapproving).

Semi-related thought: the downside to Obama’s “Price is Right” strategy on the stimulus may be that, in having the Democratic Congress do his dirty work for him, the bill is starting to be labeled as the Democratic Congress Stimulus Package rather than the Obama Stimulus. Still, after seeing these numbers, one would tend to think that Republican bluster about the stimulus losing steam is indeed just that.

Nate Silver is the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.