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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Week 13 is here. The Patriots aren’t their usual dominant selves this year — will they beat the Vikings this Sunday?

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Here’s where things stand after Week 12:

ЁЯЩМ Ryan Gnizak is at the top of our Week 12 leaderboard with 263.5 points.

ЁЯПЖ Greg Chili Van Hollebeke is in first place on our overall leaderboard with 934.5 points. FiveThirtyEight’s Elo model is in 765th place with 536.8 points.

ЁЯУИ Our Elo model beat 67 percent of you last week. You picked up the most points when the Browns beat the Bengals and lost the most when the Bills beat the Jaguars. Here’s a breakdown:

Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of Week 12

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