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Sarah Frostenson
3:32 PM

That’s A Wrap

“No president has ever sought to undermine an impeachment inquiry in the way this president has,” said Schiff in the first two hours of Democratic House managers’ opening arguments.

Today, we got our first look at the case Democratic House managers will build over the next three days, and while much of it hews closely to what was unearthed in the House inquiry last November, Schiff did give us a roadmap of what to expect going forward: a detailed timeline of the scandal, and a case for why Trump’s actions fit within the constitutional framework for impeachment.

Schiff didn’t shy away from opportunities to appeal to higher standards of democracy either -- at several points quoting the founding fathers and questioning whether our democracy will continue to prosper, if we don’t take action now. There are still 22 hours left of the House managers’ time, but we’re going to call it a day. Although, we’ll be prepared to hop back on if necessary.