Earlier today a reader asked Micah to see some sort of schema for how to think about different ideological factions in the Democratic Party. Here was Josh’s take: https://twitter.com/JoshNH4H/status/1156589349145759744 And as long time readers of the site know, this is something we’re only too happy to tackle. Case in point, the Republican five-ring circus from 2016. And, of course, you might remember from earlier this year the slightly different approach we took with editor-in-chief Nate Silver’s series on the five corners of the Democratic primary, where we looked at what support candidates might be able to draw on from different constituencies in the party. I personally went with Nathaniel Rakich’s 3x2 matrix, which works something like this: Sort candidates by whether you think they’re part of the establishment or of part of an insurgent wing, and then group them by whether you think they’re progressive, liberal or moderate. So in my diagram, for instance, you might think that