Nathaniel Rakich

The race between Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi and Republican Claudia Tenney in New York’s 22nd District had its day in court today … and it did not reflect well on election administrators in New York. The hearing was intended to decide whether certain disputed absentee and provisional ballots would count in the closely contested race, but it was quickly discovered that Oneida County election commissioners did not even know whether some of the disputed ballots are included in the current count: Some of the color-coded sticky notes they had used to label the ballots had fallen off. (Yes, really.) The hearing will continue tomorrow, when the judge will consider whether 2,000 rejected ballots should be counted after all. Tenney currently leads the race by somewhere between 100 and 300 votes (in another indictment of New York’s vote-counting, no one knows the exact margin).

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