Nathaniel Rakich

You’ve probably heard that Georgia — where Biden currently leads Trump by 14,093 votes, or 0.3 percentage points — is going to a recount. Today, we got a bit more detail on what that will look like. Under pressure from his fellow Republicans, who have called for his resignation for unspecified “mismanagement,” the secretary of state announced that the state would conduct a hand recount of the presidential race as part of a legally required audit of the results before the state’s Nov. 20 certification deadline. While the audit itself is routine, the fact that the recount will be by hand instead of by machine is highly unusual and will be a major logistical challenge for counties to complete in the next nine days. In addition, the Trump campaign can request another recount within two days of certification if the margin remains within 1 percentage point. Either recount is highly unlikely to reverse the outcome of the election, given that recounts typically change the results by only a few hundred votes.

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