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Control Of The Senate Looks As If It’ll Hinge On Georgia

Other than the two Georgia Senate races — which are going to runoffs on Jan. 5 — two other Senate races remain unresolved:

  • Alaska: With all Election Day votes and most early votes counted, Republican incumbent Dan Sullivan leads Democratic nominee Al Gross 63 percent to 32 percent, or by a margin of 53,733 votes. However, 134,664 ballots remain to be counted (mostly absentees), so it’s not over yet. These ballots legally can’t be counted until Nov. 10 at the earliest, though, so we’ll be waiting until at least Wednesday for a projection.
  • North Carolina: Republican Sen. Thom Tillis currently leads Democrat Cal Cunningham 49 percent to 47 percent (a margin of 95,720 votes), with as many as 171,666 provisional and mail-in votes left to count. However, because many of those ballots won’t be found valid, Tillis is in great shape to hold onto his lead. We will likely know more here after Nov. 12, the deadline for mail-in ballots to arrive.
Senate races we’re still waiting on

Share of the expected vote reported, by race and the leading party’s current margin

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Source: ABC News

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