Sarah Frostenson

Welcome To Our Unresolved Races Live Blog

Joe Biden clinched 270 votes in the Electoral College on Saturday, putting him over the edge and on track to win the presidency, but there are still a handful of states where we don’t know who won, not to mention a number of Senate and House races where the outcome is unknown.

We’ll be tracking all that and more on this live blog. But keep in mind, we don’t expect the topline in any of these races to change: Biden is still projected to win the presidency (it’s just a question of what his final electoral map looks like) and Democrats will retain a majority in the House (if by a slimmer margin than they hoped).

The real question here is who will control the Senate. It’s possible (although unlikely) Democrats pull out victories in Alaska and North Carolina, so it increasingly seems as if two Georgia Senate runoffs in January will determine who controls the chamber. We’ll be tracking that in the days to come, so follow along here! And ping us @538politics if you have any questions.

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