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We’re Looking For Part-Time And Freelance Politics Writers

FiveThirtyEight is expanding its political coverage. Donald Trump’s election and presidency are likely to be the defining story of the United States in the coming years, and we’re looking for freelance and part-time writers to help us cover it.

Of course, this is FiveThirtyEight, so we’re looking for people with a certain set of skills, people with a record of using data and reporting to illuminate the world of politics: reporters who can write and work with data; writers who can work with data and report; and data analysts who can report and write.

In particular, we’re looking for part-time writers and freelancers to cover:

  • policy issues such as education, health care, energy, housing, the environment and immigration
  • Congress
  • federal agencies
  • the White House
  • election administration and ballot access
  • lobbying and money in politics
  • foreign policy
  • comparative politics and international politics
  • state and local policy and politics (especially issues that have national implications)

You’ll be writing for one of the most popular political sites on the web, one with an established reputation for in-depth, unbiased reporting on politics and policy, along with many other topics.

To get in touch, please email with “POLITICS” (all caps) in the subject line.

Micah Cohen is FiveThirtyEight’s former managing editor.