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Significant Digits For Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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3 words

Mongolia has an issue with addresses. A quarter of the country’s population is nomadic, and many of its roads don’t have names. So the government is switching to a system devised by the startup What3Words, which has assigned a three-word phrase to every nine-square-meter area on the map. This will mean that every Mongolian residence will be mapped to a phrase. For instance, the U.S. embassy currently at “Denver Street #3, 11th Micro-District, Ulaanbaatar 14190” will instead be reachable at “constants.stuffy.activism.” Memorable, yeah? [Quartz]


Puerto Rico is heavily in debt, and there’s no help coming from the U.S. Supreme Court, which said in a 5-to-2 decision on Monday that public utilities in the territory would not be able to restructure $20 billion in debt. [The New York Times]

18 years old

Age of the youngest reported victim of the Orlando shootings, Akyra Monet Murray, who had just graduated from high school. With the next-of-kin notified, CNN has the stories of many of the 49 people killed at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday morning. Cory James Connell, 21, wanted to become a firefighter. Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez, 31, and Oscar A Aracena-Montero, 26, had recently purchased a home together. Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22, and Christopher “Drew” Leinonen, 32, hoped to one day marry, but instead will share a funeral and be buried together. [CNN, City of Orlando, CNN, TIME]

80 percent

With the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Golden State Warriors in Oakland in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night, the series now stands 3-2 in favor of the Warriors. Golden State has an 80 percent chance to win the title based on FiveThirtyEight’s projections. [FiveThirtyEight]


A new forecast from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, looking at global energy markets over the next 25 years, projects that, by 2027, the cost of constructing new wind and solar farms will become cheaper than the cost of running existing coal and gas plants. [Bloomberg]

$26.2 billion

Microsoft will buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash, provided the merger is approved by regulators. [TechCrunch]

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