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Significant Digits For Thursday, July 16, 2015

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SherpaShare, an app that helps drivers keep track of the money they make while ferrying people through ride-sharing apps, has a new report out about its users. Uber trips, according to SherpaShare, cost an average of $13.36 and Lyft trips cost $12.53. [Time]

20 percent

The San Francisco Bay area’s public transportation system, BART, has seen ridership jump 20 percent since 2012, and the system is under a heavy load without the money needed to maintain it. If only the Silicon Valley area was able to come up with some sort of way to pay for this. Maybe BART should pitch itself as a subscription-based, ride-sharing commuter distribution platform seeing huge growth numbers over the past several quarters with little runway but impressive growth potential. That’ll get some suckers to open their wallets. [San Francisco Business Times]

33 percent

That’s the percent of people 65 and older who think that Americans work too little, the highest percentage to hold that view among any age bracket. I’m sure all of us in the workforce appreciate retirees’ thoughts on the matter. [YouGov]

38 lawmakers

Greece has agreed to a bailout! Naturally, this means even more political chaos in Greece. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is the leader of the Syriza party, which has 149 seats in the nation’s parliament. But 38 Syriza members voted against the bailout Tsipras negotiated. Since that’s a quarter of his coalition, this could mean a leadership challenge, a coalition government, or even snap elections. The Greeks sure have to vote on lots of things — side effect of inventing this whole democracy thing, I suppose. [Bloomberg]

126 grams

The average American consumer buys 126 grams of sugars by way of packaged foods and soft drinks every day. [Fusion]

12,734 pounds

That’s how much caviar the U.S. imported in 2014. Because Iran produces lots of caviar, that could go up if the Iranian nuclear deal makes it through Congress. [Quartz]


That’s how much money the Clinton campaign has brought in so far, according to its first FEC filing. The campaign has been seriously burning through money, though, spending $19 million already. [CNN]


According to his financial disclosure forms, Donald Trump made $213,606,575 from doing 14 seasons of The Apprentice. But given that disclosure involves Donald Trump and money, and that the documents were written like a brochure at a marketing seminar, proceed with caution. [Business Insider]

2.53 billion gallons

That’s how much pig excrement is produced by the state of North Carolina annually. All of that needs to go somewhere, and often that somewhere is reservoirs of excrement pushing into poor communities. I’m saving this stat about pig shit for the next time I’m stuck at a bar in March and the Duke game is on. [Quartz]

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