On March 23, 2015, Ted Cruz officially kicked off the Republican presidential primary by entering the race. “I believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of America,” Cruz told students in a speech at Liberty University.

On May 3, 2016, Cruz dropped out of the race, after getting the support of millions of voters — many of them conservative — but not enough to win it. The next day, John Kasich dropped out, too, leaving just one candidate in the GOP field: presumptive nominee Donald Trump, who entered the race on June 16, 2015.

In between Cruz’s speech and Kasich’s departure, 14 other candidates entered and exited the GOP race. Each time (with a few exceptions; sorry, Jim Gilmore) we marked the occasion with a profile of the candidate’s campaign. At each campaign’s start, we assessed its chances; when it ended, we looked back at what went wrong. Let’s rewind the wild 13-and-a-half months of the Republican presidential race:

John Kasich (3.8 million votes)

John Kasich: A Jeb Bush In Jon Huntsman ClothingThe Long, Weird Kasich Campaign Gives In To Reality

Ted Cruz (7.3 million votes)

Let’s Be Serious About Ted Cruz From The Start: He’s Too Extreme And Too Disliked To WinTed Cruz Stands Down

Marco Rubio (3.5 million votes)

The Official 2016 GOP Field Gets Its First Real Contender: Marco RubioMarco Rubio Never Had A Base

Ben Carson (732,000 votes)

Two Background Players Join The 2016 Fray: Carly Fiorina And Ben CarsonRepublicans Liked Ben Carson To The End (But Not Enough To Vote For Him)

Jeb Bush (277,000 votes)

Pols And Polls Say The Same Thing: Jeb Bush Is A Weak Front-RunnerJeb Bush’s Path To Defeat Began A Year Ago

Jim Gilmore (3,000 votes)

Chris Christie (57,000 votes)

Chris Christie’s Path Will Only Get Steeper From HereWhy Chris Christie Failed

Carly Fiorina (38,000 votes)

Two Background Players Join The 2016 Fray: Carly Fiorina And Ben CarsonCarly Fiorina Peaked Early And Faded Fast

Rand Paul (65,000 votes)

Rand Paul Is Losing His Father’s BaseGoodbye, Rand Paul; Goodbye, GOP Dovishness

Rick Santorum (17,000 votes)

Rick Santorum’s 2016 Bid Shows Just How Far The GOP Field Has Come

Mike Huckabee (50,000 votes)

Huckabee May Be Doomed To Rerun His 2008 Campaign In 2016

George Pataki (2,000 votes)

Why George Pataki’s Candidacy Is Virtually Hopeless In Two ChartsGeorge Pataki’s Hopeless Campaign, In One Chart

Lindsey Graham (6,000 votes)

Lindsey Graham May Have Already WonLindsey Graham Tries To Stop Trump The Only Way He Can — By Quitting

Bobby Jindal (200 votes)

Bobby Jindal Should Have Run In 2012, Not 2016Why Bobby Jindal’s Candidacy Failed

Scott Walker (no votes)

Scott Walker Wants To Cure His Party Of Its Weakness For ModeratesScott Walker Blew His Last Chance: The Debate

Rick Perry (no votes)

Rick Perry Fell Harder Than Anyone — And He’s The First To Try AgainRick Perry’s Failed Presidential Aspirations, In One Chart

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