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Guess Who’s Blogging for the National Press Club?

Last time I’ll delve into this particular off-topic topic, but I was directed today to the writings of Steve O’Hearn, the chair of the National Press Club’s New Media Committee who maintains a blog at the National Press Club’s blogging website. Suffice it to say that I disagree with pretty much everything that Steve has to say — from his position on Larry Sinclair to his insistence (three days after the Montana and South Dakota primaries and one day after Clinton announced that she would concede) that the Democratic nomination race was “far from over“, to his calling Tom Shales, the Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize- winning media critic, a “cretin“. And then there’s the matter of his preferring AltaVista to Google…

But that’s not what I wanted to draw your attention to. Instead, I wanted to see who else had a blog on the National Press Club’s website. Not very many people do. There is O’Hearn’s blog, and then blogs for several of the NPC’s committees, and a blog for the Press Club’s softball team. And then there is a blog for…

Jeff Gannon.

Yes, that Jeff Gannon. The fake reporter from a fake news organization who asked fake questions at White House press conferences. And who also happens to be a gay escort.

This man has a blog at the National Press Club’s website.

In this context, the National Press Club’s decision to host a press conference for Larry Sinclair makes a lot more sense.

Nate Silver founded and was the editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.