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  • Nate Silver Editor in Chief
  • MIKE WILSON Managing Editor
  • ANDREI SCHEINKMAN Deputy Editor and Director of Data and Technology
  • KATE ELAZEGUI Creative Director
  • LISA CHOW Senior Editor/Podcast Host
  • MICAH COHEN Senior Editor, DataLab
  • CHADWICK MATLIN Senior Editor, Features
  • CARL BIALIK Lead Writer, News
  • BEN CASSELMAN Chief Writer, Economics
  • MONA CHALABI Lead Writer, DataLab
  • CARLA CORREA General Editor/Social Media Coordinator
  • HARRY ENTEN Senior Writer and Analyst, Politics
  • ANDREW FLOWERS Quantitative Editor
  • WALTER HICKEY Senior Writer, Lifestyle
  • RITCHIE KING Visual Journalist/Science Reporter
  • SIMONE LANDON General Editor
  • ALLISON McCANN Visual Journalist/Data Reporter
  • DHRUMIL MEHTA Database Journalist, Politics
  • BENJAMIN MORRIS Senior Writer and Analyst, Sports
  • NEIL PAINE Senior Writer and Analyst, Sports

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