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So, I’m going on vacation. It’s my first “real” vacation — not an, oh, I’ve got to take a meeting in Los Angeles, so let me work my ass off for three nights and then go out with a college friend for beers on the fourth night and call it a “vacation” — since 15 months ago, when I had the brainstorm for this website during a weather delay at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. While I wouldn’t rule out a tweet here and perhaps even a post or two, I’m going to be doing my darnedest to resist that temptation and stick to the far more important tasks of eating and sleeping a lot.

Here’s the good news: in addition to our other, regular contributors, I’ve also got a couple of “special guest” columnists lined up, whose stuff you will very much like (and have probably already encountered) and who have generously agreed to contribute to the blog in my absence. In fact, the blog is probably going to be better next week then it is ordinarily. If there’s an over/under on the number of steak dinners Nate is going to be buying at Peter Luger’s, you should take the over.

There isn’t any bad news; there’s only good news. The blog will be left in very good hands, and I’ll see you all again on Memorial Day.

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