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Polls continue to come in at the lower end of the spectrum for both Democrats. In today’s batch, that is somewhat more true for Clinton than for Obama.

Rasmussen has new polls out in California, Ohio, and Connecticut. In Ohio, McCain leads both Democrats by 6 points, a result that either balances out Survey USA’s recent poll that had both Democrats ahead by 10 in that state, or shows in which direction this race is presently moving. In California and Connecticut, meanwhile, Obama has relatively safe leads over McCain, but McCain is within single-digits of Clinton:

State        Obama     Clinton
California +15 +7
Connecticut +12 +3
Ohio -6 -6

We also tracked down an Ayers poll in Tennessee, which shows McCain leading Clinton by 8, and Obama by 17. Tennessee is a state in which we see Clinton potentially being competitive, but not Obama.

Overall, Obama’s Win % is now at 60.0%, and Clinton’s is at 40.3%. A week ago, they were at 62.4% and 42.8%, respectively.

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