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10:12 EDT: [Sean] Massive gender gap on the dials in many answers. In short: women are thinking Obama’s winning in a landslide. Men: mixed.

10:09 EDT: [Sean] McCain is looking at Obama a LOT. So much for not acknowledging your opponent.

10:04 EDT: [Sean] “Gold-plated Cadillacs?” McCain really is Ronald Reagan’s heir.

10:00 EDT: [Nate] Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I thought McCain was winning this debate 20 minutes in. But the second time that McCain brought up Lewis still feels like the turning point in the debate to me. From there forward, he’s pretty much played into all of his worst stereotypes.

9:53 EDT: [Sean] McCain: Angrily sarcastic, eye rolling, McCain just feels contempt for Obama. Body language is mocking.

9:49 EDT: [Sean] Obama’s talking directly to the viewing audience. McCain seems to be looking to the in-person audience more.

9:48 EDT: [Sean] Well, the server errors are back. Publishing problems. Please bear with us. We were told this was fixed, they weren’t happy that we mentioned how bad it was during the VP debate. Well, whatever they call Nate up and say, I’m finding this a major problem.

9:45 EDT: [Sean] That was fun. McCain starts ripping Joe Biden. I say, “here comes a tongue jut, watch.” Then McCain does it. You can predict the really dishonest answers get the juts.


9:41 EDT: [Sean] Where’s McCain’s lapel flag pin? And Roland Martin is a spaz with those numbers. Did Gergen leave? No, there he is. He just docked McCain for something Obama said.

9:40 EDT: [Sean] McCain’s: “My campaign has been about the economy and jobs” doesn’t pass the laugh test for Obama.

9:39 EDT: [Nate] These last fifteen minutes have been fascinating television. I think McCain had been on his way to winning the exchange until he overplayed the John Lewis card.

9:36 EDT: [Nate] This debate is beginning to resemble a typical comment thread at FiveThirtyEight.

Reflection of New York Skyline from Central Park -

9:35 EDT: [Sean] McCain finally gets around to Ayers and Acorn. Then major tongue juts as he finishes his attack.

9:30 EDT: [Sean] Wow. Obama calls out the Palin-McCain crowds, and Palin for not stopping it. Says it to McCain’s face, I guess.

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