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9:03 PM [Sean] No, for not mentioning my name I’m going to beat you to death with your own shoe. Big difference from impaling. Hope you all enjoyed fivethirtyeight while it lasted, my friends, Nate was warned.

8:59 PM [Nate] No tongue juts. And you’re going to impale me with my own shoe. But we’ll talk about that later. I did mention “chorizo”, though.

8:56 PM [Sean] By the way, Nate, did Colbert ask you about the tongue juts?

Belmont University -

8:54 PM [Sean] I don’t think people — at a gut level — want to hear that whiny voice for four years. I didn’t want to hear Gore’s slowly-explaining voice either. It sounds like he’s annoyed that he has to be explaining all this obvious stuff. It grates.

8:54 PM. [Nate] …though i thought that was a strong response on health care.

8:53 PM. [Nate] I think his more serious problem is that he’s playing into the grumpy old man caricature.

8:51 PM. [Nate] I think his more serious problem is that he’s playing into the grumpy old man caricature.

8:50 PM [Sean] McCain is averaging about three “my friends” per answer. I can see the “my friends my friends my friends my friends…” YouTube mashup already.

8:42 PM [Nate] Yeah, that was a Debate 101 type of mistake.

8:41 PM [Sean] Obama shouldn’t have asked permission whether he could reply on taxes, he should have just done it.

8:37 PM [Nate]. Obama’s health care plan has a mandate? That’s news to Hillary Clinton.

Debate #2, Belmont University -

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