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Al Franken is roughly 3,000 votes down with 90% in, but the vast majority of the remaining numbers are in Hennepin County, where Minneapolis sits. With 22% of precincts left to report, that would be roughly 137,000 votes if the proportions stayed the same in the precincts (not guaranteed). With Franken winning Hennepin by 17 points, that would seem to be well more than enough to pass Coleman, though we caution we don’t know which precincts are in within Hennepin, and which are outstanding.

If Franken can win that seat, Democrats would have 58 seats with Jeff Merkley’s Oregon race outstanding against incumbent Gordon Smith. Saxby Chambliss is at 50.3% in Georgia. If it were a simple plurality win, the race would have been called long ago. But if Chambliss cannot get to 50%, watch out for a month of drama in the Peach State.

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