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9:30 PM MDT: How you’ll know that Hillary’s speech was a winner:

If the principal Republican talking point tomorrow is: “the speech was too good! It just proves that she should have been the [Presidential/Vice Presidential] nominee!”

9:17 PM MDT: More from Sean:

“When she turned to “Why are you in it?” from that point to the end of the speech she warmed even my slow-to-warm heart. That was a great speech. She did what she came to do. Nate’s “Shame on You” moment was more or less accomplished by the Twin Cities line. She explained to her supporters that if you support my agenda, you will vote for Barack Obama. Like Nate said, she was sincere. A sincere Hillary Clinton is a great Hillary Clinton.”

9:09 PM MDT. I wish I had a more substantive, less rah-rah reaction for you, but I really think she just accomplished everything that she needed to, and did so in style.

Or as Sean puts it: “goddammit, Hillary, don’t make me like you again!”

9:03 PM MDT. One thing about Clinton — really both Clintons — they understand the audience they are speaking to better than any other politicians in America.

9:01 PM MDT. Like Schweitzer, Hillary started out a little slow, but there are Republicans kicking chairs over right now in RNC offices all across America.

8:58 PM MDT. Hillary’s sincerity factor is very high tonight and getting higher.

8:57 PM MDT. C-SPAN could pretty much just keep a camera trained Bill’s face 100% of the time and I’d be entertained.

8:54 PM MDT. Yes, one could certainly bring up the point that Hillary is talking a lot about Hillary.

8:48 PM MDT. “No way, no how, no McCain”. Not quite a “shame on you” moment, but certainly getting warmer.

8:45 PM MDT. She’s gotten off strong out of the blocks.

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