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7:25 PM EST [Nate]: So far, Chambliss appears to be overperforming his November 4 margins in the few counties that have precincts reporting results, although those precincts may be non-representative and/or consist of absentee ballots.

6:45 PM EST [Sean]: Quick update.

We’re hearing that there are lines in Athens (home of the University of Georgia) in Democratic counties. We also hear DeKalb has been doing particularly well. The staff here is dialing voters in the last-minute push.

For the Obama organizers around the country who could not make it here to Georgia, there is a special tool that field staff created to help make dials into Georgia.

Over 25,000 calls have been made via this tool, and we can say that Ohio’s staff has been called out for “weak sauce.” After ten calls, one reaches “Data Intern” status. 25 calls, and you reach “Yard Sign” level. The 20-ish labels escalate on perceived value and/or badassery. Right now, “Rahm Emanuel” is the top level. (Some people have resumes out.)

We’ll start liveblogging in a few minutes.

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