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Four Democratic pickups have been called: Warner (VA), Shaheen (NH), Udall (NM) and Hagan (NC). That gets Democrats 55.

Mark Udall in Colorado looks very strong. Ted Stevens, convicted felon, will lose. Jeff Merkley is heavily favored in the Oregon race, but those results aren’t in yet.

Al Franken leads Norm Coleman in very early returns. However, Mary Landrieu looks like she’s in a tight race in Louisiana, with a small lead over John Kennedy there. Roger Wicker leads Ronnie Musgrove in Mississippi.

If Udall, Begich, Merkley and Franken can win their races, and Mary Landrieu hold hers, Democrats will sit at 59 Senate seats. Then Democrats need to either keep Chambliss under 50% (some big Democratic counties are outstanding) or somehow pull off the Musgrove-Wicker upset, another race that has not been called.

Before I forget:

How come Joe the Plumber didn’t work? That was such a nifty idea.

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