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Brett Marty once drove his old Buick from California to Ushuaia, Argentina. That’s kind of badass. He has a documentary film that might get into Sundance this winter. And he’s been capturing some amazing images as we traverse the country chronicling the Obama and McCain ground games in battleground states for FiveThirtyEight’s On the Road series.

Today his site – – went live, and we’re proud to draw your attention to it. You’ve undoubtedly seen his work over the past three weeks, and I’ve watched as he labors over getting just the right shot. He’s a real professional.

Proceeds from sale of his work will help fund this original reporting journey. We jumped out on the road and decided to worry about the funding later, trusting that a good idea must be seized and acted upon. If you like Brett’s work, check out his page and you’ll find purchasing information on the site. Thanks, my friends.

Hoover Dam - Brett

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