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We’ll have polling data rolling in all day, of course, but the very early returns suggest that the public may not have responded in the way John McCain might have liked to his announcement yesterday that he was “suspending” his campaign to attend to the financial crisis.

Two polls have been released so far that were conducting work in the field yesterday. The Research 2000 poll has Obama jumping from +4 to +6, on the strength of a +7 in the daily sample conducted yesterday. And Rasmussen Tracking has him moving from a +2 to a +3, his largest lead over McCain since 9/6.

Gallup, Hotline, et. al. may well turn turn out to show McCain gains, so we’ll see how these numbers look in a few hours. It should be a fun day for poll-watchers.

UPDATE: Hotline has Obama at a +4, down from a +6 yesterday. Battleground, which as you may have noticed has a pretty strong (3-4 point) Republican lean, has him at -1, one point better than yesterday.

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