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With most of the vote counted in most of the state, the three nationally significant Alabama runoff contests have been decided.

In the Republican gubernatorial contest, Dr. Robert Bentley has defeated Bradley Byrne; he’s currently up 56-44 with about 80% of the vote in. I’ll have more to say about this later, but it appears that Bentley won not so much because of Democratic crossover votes, but because he won most of the Republican votes that went to Tim James and Roy Moore in the primary.

In the Republican 2d congressional district race, Martha Robey has beaten Tea Party activist and viral ad impresario Rick Barber by a 60-40 margin, with a 72-28 win in Montgomery County sealing the deal.

And in the Democratic 7th congressional district race, Terri Sewell defeated Shelia Smoot, leading 56-44 with almost 90% of the precincts reporting. Sewell won Jefferson County, where both candidates live, 54-46, and rolled up an 83-17 landslide in her own home county, Dallas (Selma).

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